Technidok - The golobal document solution in Central Europe
Technidok - The global document solution in Central Europe
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Quality Control Process

The Quality Control Process covers the whole period from the receipt of the order until the delivery of the completed job.

Every customer is assigned a project manager, who acts as the contact person and takes care of all the customer’s requirements, starting with the first contact and following through the process until matters relating to the final billing. Such system excludes the practice of the customer being passed over from one company department to another, thus simplifying and streamlining the whole process.

Once the calculated price is endorsed by the customer, the project manager drafts an internal company form - the QA (Quality Assurance) Checklist – to record the history of the translation project for the purposes of any future control or reference.

The project manager then selects a suitable translator familiar with the field and its terminology and having adequate relevant experience.

In addition, a special form with questions relating to the given project (Query Sheet) is drafted during the translation operation and dispatched to the customer with the request for clarifications; in an absolute majority of cases the queries concerns obscure acronyms or terms or, possibly, errors of the source text that need to be corrected. Once the customer’s answer is received, the translation is completed and sent to a native speaker for proofreading.

After proofreading, the text is further controlled by the project manager using special software tools (CAT tools) and performing a “manual” check - e.g. checking whether the translation is complete, whether the format is right, whether all the numerical data in the text are correct, etc. Every step is recorded in the QA Checklist.

When all the above-mentioned checks are completed, the final version of the text is sent to the customer with the request for confirmation of receipt.

Our services, however, do not end at this point. Our price includes the control of the final files after graphics (dtp), which we provide free of charge. Even the best translation can be spoiled by an incorrectly executed graphic job. Our experience is that styles and fonts, amongst other things, are sometimes substituted or damaged, which may make the final outcome rather disappointing.

Moreover, if you place your order for graphic jobs with us in the first place, together with the translation, we shall offer you a very fair price.

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